Preventative Pays: Five Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance Should be Your Go-To Strategy

The call came in the middle of the night. The HVAC had stopped working at a medical facility just hours before patients were due to come in for surgery. Driving through thunderstorms, HBW Services Division had a truck and an experienced technician on site within 30 minutes, resetting the system and restoring confidence that the facility was patient-ready.

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Handling emergencies is part of the job, but it’s a largely preventable part. At HBW, we always prefer seeing our customers during preventative maintenance visits rather than on emergency calls. Decades of experience have proven to our Services Division that preventative maintenance can save the day – and your budget.

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If you’re a property manager or owner, consider the five ways preventative maintenance benefits your property operations.

1. Manage Costs

Property managers and owners keep an eye on the books at all times, so know that scheduled maintenance visits are always cheaper than emergency repairs. Having HBW trades out to help maintain all aspects of your property, from critical systems like HVAC, plumbing, and electricity, to the structure itself with concrete, roofing, or drywall, can control costs and inform future needs – so you can anticipate and budget accordingly. Our skilled craftsmen can watch or fix the small stuff before they turn into big problems. 

2. Extend Use and Increase Value

If you want to protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your property, preventative maintenance is the way to go. We can attest to properties that look brand new despite being decades old and systems that operate perfectly well beyond their lifespan. Our tailored programs account for your specific use and environment to prevent excessive wear and tear and the need for early replacements.

3. On Your Time 

Until there’s a crystal ball that lets you see when you’ll have a breakdown or need repairs, the next best thing is the HBW Services team. Our experienced crew schedules service on your time, avoiding emergencies, downtime, and tenant disruptions. 

We’ve found that preventative maintenance can also help properties avoid supply chain woes by anticipating when parts or materials will be needed and procuring them ahead of time or just in time. Imagine tearing out an aging electrical panel only to find that a new one won’t be available for 6 weeks or promising to replace light fixtures but not being able to get matching ones because of delivery delays.

4. Optimize Operations 

A well-maintained property is an efficient property, saving on utility costs – and management headaches! It’s also safer and more environmentally responsible. 

If you have a leaky refrigerant line, you could call any HVAC company to get the system refilled twice a year, but you’d still be polluting the environment while the unit performance degrades and eats up your electric bill. HBW’s preventative maintenance plan would identify the leak during a system cleaning and check-up and get it fixed properly, saving repeat visits, refrigerant costs, electricity usage, and the hassle of it all.

5. Satisfy Tenants

Keep tenants happy and healthy with preventative maintenance. Everyone will appreciate the commitment to quality and attention to detail that HBW brings to a property. Our team can act as an outsourced maintenance department or supplement your team, reducing your outstanding to-do list, providing consultative and diagnostic services, and fulfilling tenant requests for improvements or changes. 

We stay on top of trending needs. Our Service team responded quickly to properties that needed air cleaning systems or physical barriers during the pandemic.

Preventative maintenance works best when combined with a comprehensive approach to property management. HBW Services division brings the same professionalism and experience to maintenance projects (even small ones) that we use for construction.

We often hear that clients consider HBW Services to be their most valuable on-demand resource because we are a one-stop resource for all property needs. The range of services we cover is extensive, from one-time service calls to preventative maintenance programs and small maintenance tasks and finish work to complex HVAC and electrical projects. Our skilled team of Project Managers, Estimators, Carpenters, Technicians, Foremen, and Certified Electricians have extensive experience, offering you the convenience of expert diagnosis and a quick resolution. Most importantly, because of HBW Construction’s large footprint in the region, our teams are nearby, often at a service call in the next town over or doing a build-out in a neighboring building. And for those problems that can’t wait, our Emergency Services are available 24/7.

Meet with one of our project managers to integrate preventative maintenance into your property management operations. Visit the HBW Services page to learn more.