HBW Construction is committed to developing relationships with its Subcontractors and Suppliers.

All of HBW’s Subcontractors and Suppliers are an extension of the HBW team. We are devoted to exploring and developing new relationships and continue to establish strong relationships with existing subcontractors.

New Subcontractors

If you would like to be considered for inclusion to our Preferred Subcontractor List, please complete the Subcontractor Qualification Application below. 

HBW Construction has specific requirements to become a Preferred Subcontractor. The documents below detail our insurance, billing, and contractual requirements. Please make sure you can meet these requirements before submitting your application.

Existing Subcontractors

For Subcontractor Payment Procedures, please visit the Existing Subcontractors Page. On this page, you will find out how to be paid promptly, which includes Payment Documents, HBW Insurance Requirements, and Sample Insurance Certificates.