Layouts to Manage Constructability Issues

construction project schedule

Without this early collaboration, projects can encounter costly change orders and delays in the construction project schedule. Even with collaborative project partners, industry standards for layouts don’t always account for the physical realities of a three-dimensional space. With this in mind, HBW developed a more extensive layout process that essentially organizes each element of the… Read More


Delays, Lags and Lead Times: Navigating Permitting and Supply Chain Issues in Your Construction Project Schedule

superintendent and project manager going over lead times and schedule

Prior to the pandemic, we could proceed with submittals and approvals with confidence that materials would arrive within their normal timelines. We created schedules for the construction team with built-in permitting and inspection dates. In multiple jurisdictions, we moved projects forward with relative ease toward completion. New Realities of Construction Project Management Successful commercial construction… Read More


Job Sites in a Pandemic: What to Expect from Communications and Crews

superintendents job site temperature screening

Some changes, such as videoconferencing capabilities, have improved communication clarity and efficiency throughout a project. On the safety side, our efforts with masking, temperature checks, social distancing and contact tracing reduce illness and absenteeism.  What should clients and project partners expect from their construction team going forward? We anticipate continued use of safety best practices… Read More