New Goals and Growth Set the Tone for the Future at HBW Construction

Big changes lie ahead for the commercial construction industry as it continues to regain its footing following pandemic shake-ups. The supply chain is still an issue, and the future of work in traditional offices remains unknown. What does it mean for HBW Construction?

Ballston Exchange 3rd Floor Spec Suites

Thanks to a quick pivot early in the pandemic and smart practices that help negate supply chain woes, the outlook for our business looks promising. In fact, we are projecting growth for 2023 that would restore us to near pre-pandemic numbers. Our progress, and our path forward, are the result of some key strategic moves within HBW.

Building on a strong foundation

Three ideas describe how HBW Construction has been successful and how we intend to tackle the future. They are: integrity, understanding and exceeding expectations, and relationships.

You could say we have a secret recipe – focusing on core values has allowed us to be flexible and open to new opportunities. We have developed a strong connection with our customers, our trades, and our community. This has set us up for even greater success over the next two to three years. HBW Construction is on an upward climb.

 Leadership in construction

HBW has a reputation for understanding the importance of leadership in construction. Our goal is to have the right people in the right places to serve our customers, from the field to the front office.

We’ve made some exciting leadership changes recently. Phil Scott is now the CEO, with John Leach moving into the role of President. Andre Chin Wing and Melissa Jones have both been promoted to Vice President. Jim Hirrlinger retired, having left significant contributions to the foundation of HBW.

Diversifying Work and Skill Sets

When others were downsizing during the pandemic, we looked for growing market sectors to diversify and expand our client base. Our sectors now include corporate interiors, healthcare and life sciences, education and daycare, retail, restaurants, warehouse, government, multi-family, and senior living. By adding sectors, we’ve created opportunities for HBW employees to work on new projects, develop new skills, and gain niche market knowledge.

Keeping an eye on trends

HBW identifies commercial construction trends by listening to our customers, watching business growth numbers, and following thought leadership. This helps us understand where our customers are headed and meet their needs. For example, we recognized the uptick in veterinary offices, grooming, and pet care builds to handle all the pets people got during the pandemic, and the steady increase in senior living and accessibility remodels as baby boomers age.

The pandemic brought changes that are still rippling through commercial construction. Office use has changed, maybe permanently. We’ve adjusted by helping customers reduce their footprint and add more efficient, more productivity-focused spaces, areas for collaboration, and rooms with multimedia and connectivity solutions.

Working with, not against, the supply chain

We used to be able to get many of the products needed for projects off the shelf, but supply chain issues mean we’re now having to wait weeks and sometimes months. That’s where we leverage the creativeness of our team.  With alternate sourcing and different ways of tracking products, know when materials will actually arrive. Our industry has become desensitized to protracted schedules and customer disappointment. If we can improve the process even a little, through diligence and creativity, we are exceeding expectations and elevating the customer experience.

Deepening Client Relationships

Our expanded sector experience has given us the opportunity to do additional work for existing clients. Repeat clients are a good indication that we’re doing things right. We’ve recently finished several franchise locations for dog daycare and multiple restaurants for an expanding local brand.

Relationships are important to us. We get to know our customers, understand their needs, and foster a sense of teamwork as we bring their builds to the finish line. Because we live in the communities where we work, HBW employees often have the opportunity to patronize the businesses of our clients. It’s very cool to walk into a shop, restaurant or a dental office and know you had a hand in building it.

Building Careers From Within

HBW is committed to our people. We avoided layoffs during the pandemic, taking some pretty extraordinary steps to keep our team intact. That move turned out to be important as new projects started up because we were fully staffed and ready to go.

We’re also pretty deliberate about creating opportunities and growth paths and developing skill sets. In fact, many of our promotions and hires come from within our network as we recognize those who embrace learning, handle greater responsibility, or go the extra mile for customers.

To learn more about our sectors and recent projects, visit our Market Sectors page on our website. For those interested in joining HBW Construction, visit Careers.