Our people make us who we are.

Here at HBW, we’re a team — but we’re also a group of unique individuals. To showcase our individual strengths, we’ll be spotlighting a different employee each month. These are the people who help make us, well, us.

Name: Loree Carlson

Job Title: Project Engineer

Years at HBW: 7 Years

Total years experience: 10 Years


What excites you most about the work you do?

I enjoy the creative nature of the work that we accomplish at HBW. The way we take a two-dimensional concept and create a beautiful and functional space for others to live and work.

What do you like best about working at HBW?

HBW is a special environment in which to learn, live and grow. Co-workers are encouraging and supportive, both personally and professionally. They truly want workers to develop and grow in their skill sets as well as thrive to find joy and pride in the work we perform.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?

It has been interesting working on Design-Build projects at NIH. Collaborating with the design team to take a space plan, individualize it for the program or scientist, and see the tangible environment at the end, has been extremely satisfying.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Besides spending time with friends and family, I enjoy home improvements, gardening and reading.

Anything else you think prospective employees should know about HBW?

HBW fosters an environment for positive professional growth where personal friendships develop. Individual successes are celebrated as much as business profits and professional development is a continual process.