Warehouse Flex-Space Commercial Construction Services

Supply chain disruptions, remote work arrangements and a desire to reduce overhead expenses are just a few reasons why more businesses seek a warehouse flex-space environment. Flex properties are industrial or commercial warehouse spaces adapted to a variety of business needs. Higher demand today means that warehouse space is very difficult to come by, resulting… Read More

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) 2.0 and Job Site Precautions

commercial construction services

A significant share of HBW Construction projects involve sensitive environments like hospitals, clinics and senior living communities. Industry precautions to protect patients, visitors, tenants and staff during construction have evolved over several decades, and they are top-of-mind since the COVID pandemic. In addition to CDC guidelines, OSHA requirements and other standards, we perform an Infection… Read More

Three Essential Tips for Occupied Construction Projects

Occupied Renovations, Site Protection

Performing commercial construction renovations in an occupied space is very different compared to an unoccupied space. The building’s occupants and visitors can be affected by noise, dust, changes to how they access the building’s spaces, and overall safety. It’s not always possible to empty a building for construction. Health care facilities and hospitals and multi-tenant… Read More

Delays, Lags and Lead Times: Navigating Permitting and Supply Chain Issues in Your Construction Project Schedule

superintendent and project manager going over lead times and schedule

When we develop a new project schedule, there are three main components to consider: Materials, Personnel and Local Regulations. Materials refer to all of the components, fixtures and finishes required to complete the project as designed. Personnel are the project partners, subcontractors and field crews. Regulations refer to the codes, permitting and inspections that are… Read More