HBW Construction Receives NAIOP DC/MD 2020 Award of Excellence – Best Interiors

HBW Construction is proud to announce we received the NAIOP DC/MD Award of Excellence – Best Interiors at the 18th Annual NAIOP DC/MD Awards Gala! Studio 900 19th Street Co-Working  This would not

have been possible without this strong team’s hard work, which fueled this projects success.

Award of Excellence
Best Interiors – 25,001-75,000 SF

Project Team

Tishman Speyer – (Owner)
Gensler – (Architect)
HBW Construction – (Contractor)

Executive Summary

All successful construction projects are a result of following a well-executed process that relies on collaboration and teamwork – and Studio 900 19th Street is a prime example of this process. It all starts with a construction team that creates an environment where individuals have the opportunity to flourish, producing results that will benefit the project. The Studio project provided a collaborative space where many talented people were able to thrive and show off their work, and it shows throughout the entire project. The architects created a meticulous design, full of high-end finishes, they wanted to create a co-working space that was nothing like what had been seen in the market so far. Studio is filled with individualistic rooms that have different themes based on the history, nature, and architecture of Washington, DC. It was then the Construction Teams job to turn their designs into reality. The General Contractor assembled the best team of subcontractors to build out each of the spaces with the architects’ visions in mind. Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship was key to not only making the space reflect the design but also have the foundation to withstand time.

Teamwork was a unique challenge on this project with the building owners’ team based out of New York City, the architects’ design team based out of New York City and Washington, DC, and the Construction Team based in the Washington, DC area. Bringing everyone together to share ideas was an extraordinary challenge that the Project Team overcame to ensure it didn’t affect the end goal of a successful build-out. This was accomplished through constant planning, integration of Procore throughout all disciplines, and continuous attention to details. Procore was vital in ensuring that all information regarding every aspect of the project was sent and seen by all, in a timely manner. This was key to completing the project on time and on budget. Video conference calls also permitted those team members who were out of state to virtually participate, allowing communication to resume as though everyone were in the same room.

Another challenge of the project was in respect to the actual design of the project, versus the building process. The goal of the design was to create a space with a flexible environment that allows for maneuverability-of walls and space based on the client’s needs. Within this space, a client could move walls or request square footage based on what they needed, not by how the floor plan was previously laid out. This was done by utilizing glass and removable partitions. By having spaces created without fixed walls, Studio can easily and cost-effectively modify the areas depending on whether the customer needs a space for five employees or 50.

Overall, Studio 900 19th Street DC Co-Working was an enjoyable project to watch transform, and the creative design played a significant role. The team embraced unique design elements by combining fun and functional to give its future tenants the best possible experience.


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