We are the Property Manager’s greatest resource.

Many of our clients consider the HBW Construction – Service Division to be their most valuable on-demand resource. Our skilled craftsmen can fix small problems before they grow, and quickly shorten maintenance to-do lists. The range of services we cover is extensive: From the smallest maintenance tasks, like hanging whiteboards and photographs, to finish work and even complex HVAC and electrical projects, HBW Construction – Service Division is ready to respond.

Every member of our team brings hands-on expertise to your light construction and building service challenges, making it possible to get an on-the-spot diagnosis and resolution to your issue.

And for those problems that can’t wait, our Emergency Services team is available for immediate assistance.

Most importantly, our HBW Construction Service Division brings the same professionalism and attention to detail to your small projects that HBW’s construction professionals apply to all of our clients. If you’re looking for a partner you can count on for the long-run, contact us today.